Blackwork Embroidery Workshop

Blackwork is an old form of embroidery. Black thread is predominantly used with this technique, hence its name, but red or dark colours are also occasionally used. The practice originated in northern Africa before it migrated to Spain following the conquering of the southern regions in the 8th century. It became popular in England when Catherine of Aragon, of Spain, married Arthur, Prince of Wales, in the early 16th century and was quickly adopted by wealthy individuals as a means of adding detail to their clothing and accessories, including cuffs, necklines, ruffs, and hankies.

Date: Saturday 27th July

Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Duration: 5 hours

Course details: You will learn the fundamentals of blackwork embroidery under the tutelage of our experienced workshop leader, making your own unique embroidered artwork to take home with you. The session is suitable for beginners and more advanced learners who want to refresh their knowledge.

Tutor Details: Our workshop leader has years of experience in both blackwork embroidery and delivering workshops to individuals of varying ages and levels of ability.

Fee: £40 per person and £35 for members. (Fee includes Museum admission; you will have an hour after the workshop to explore.)

Participant information: All materials will be provided, including wooden frame, embroidery silk, needle, fabric and graph of your choice. These materials are free to take away so you can continue to hone your skills.

Refreshments: The Museum tearoom, serving a selection of hot and cold food, will be open. Lunch can be pre-booked on arrival.

Cancellation Policy: All workshops are non-refundable.