We would like to give greater public and specialist research access to the archive and library collections which have been built up over 50 years, however we have limited staff time with which to facilitate access.  We are in the process of cataloguing the collections, which have been a somewhat hidden asset and wish to build up a significant specialist library relating to the Museum’s subject areas, including:

Architecture, building techniques, vernacular architecture, regional building types.

Historic buildings, their care and maintenance.

Agricultural and social history.

Buildings associated with particular trades (such as nailing)

Telephone communications

Domestic gardens and gardening

Rural crafts and trades

If you are looking for a specialist publication or wish to carry out academic research on one of the above subjects, please get in contact with us via the Contact Us page.  Unfortunately we are not able to support general interest library and archive access at the moment.

We would welcome donations of books or publications relating to the above subject areas, particularly building trade catalogues or publications relating to specific building trades.