It is the middle ages! Faction fight faction for the crown and where better to learn about this than at Avoncroft Museum?

The Beaufort Companye will be on site to show you the costumes, trades, skills and history of this important period of British History. Throughout the day there will be demonstration battles where you’ll hear the clash of sword and the bang of cannon in a spectacular clash of arms and armour.

Learn about the armour that the soldiers wore with the Companye and see how your ancestors lived.

We will also be hosting Gloriana who will be be demonstrating dancing and music of the period under the 14th century Guesten Hall roof.

The timetable for the event is below;

Time Activity Location
10.00 Doors open
11.00 Firepower, (bows/Crossbows/guns) Guesten Hall lawn
11.30 Costume & manners (how to tell your commoner from your nobility) Guesten Hall lawn
12.00 Battle re-enactment Guesten Hall lawn
12.30 Kiddie – Drill Guesten Hall lawn
13.00 Dinner time
13.30 Dancing Guesten Hall
14.00 Arming a knight Medieval camps/armoury
14.30 Battle re-enactment Guesten Hall lawn
15.00 Dancing  Guesten Hall
16.00 Wars of the Roses in 30(ish) minutes SATURDAY ONLY Guesten Hall lawn
17.00 Last visitor leaves