When humans began cultivating the earth, they believed that gods held sway over the life of their crops and that at harvest time the ‘Corn Spirit’ retreated and took refuge in the last sheaf standing. To protect the spirit, these remaining stalks were fashioned into a Corn Doll, enabling the spirit to rest through the cold, dark winter. In the spring, the Corn Doll was returned to the fields with the new crop in the belief that the Spirit would ensure the harvest would be a bountiful one.

Date: Saturday 25th May

Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Duration: 2 ½ hours

Course Details: You will learn the history of this ancient skill and its evolution through time as well as being guided through the process of making two of your own corn dollies, using traditional materials and methods, to take home.

Tutor Details: Our tutor is an experienced straw plaiter who has been producing corn dollies for over a decade.

Fee: £30 per person or £25 for members (includes museum admission charge of £14.00 per adult)

Participant information: All materials will be provided.

Refreshments: Breakfast tea and filter coffee provided free of charge. The Museum tearoom, serving a range of sandwiches, will also be open. Sandwiches can be pre-booked by the tutor on arrival.

Cancellation Policy: All workshops are non-refundable.