**In a change to our previously advertised programme**

  • Come and see the preparations for Christmas through the ages, as our buildings are decorated according to fashions and beliefs of their period.
  • In this sometimes frantic season – why not enjoy a bit of slow time by joining in with various crafts in the Guesten Hall – make your own handmade cards, decorations, or even eco-friendly wrapping paper!
  • Carols will evoke the spirit of the season, whether in Bringsty Chapel or around the Christmas Tree
  • Trains will be running from 11am to 3pm – the Bromsgrove Society for Model Engineers ask for a 50p contribution to running costs.

This will be a “Quiet Christmas” weekend at Avoncroft, a chance to relax, chill out and take your time.

Open times are from 10am to 4pm. Ordinary admission applies (included in this ticket).


**Please note – we are not able to do the advertised Medieval weekend, as it proved impossible to staff safely. Instead, we are combining forces with Artisans Reenactors Market to concentrate our “Christmas Through Time” on the weekend of 11/12 December, with reenactors ranging from medieval to modern, and all sorts of stalls and entertainments. Saturday 11 December will also have late night opening until 8pm.