Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is marking almost 1,000 years of Worcestershire cider and perry production by bringing back into service its historic cider press and horse-drawn perry mill for the Museum’s popular autumn celebration on Sunday 29th September.


 “A Taste of Autumn: Apple Day” is a much-loved annual event celebrating the ancient rural tradition of bringing in the year’s harvest and preparation for the winter months.  Avoncroft will host a day of activities, fun and demonstrations in and around the historic buildings on the beautiful 19 acre site.


With a history stretching back almost 1,000 years, Worcestershire is renowned for the cider and perry produced from its abundance of apples and pears. This will be celebrated in a demonstration of traditional cider-making using Avoncroft’s own 19th century cider press and 200 year old perry mill, pulled by a pony to show how it would have worked until it ceased operation in the 1930s.


The North East Worcestershire Beekeepers’ Association will also be there, providing a demonstration hive and a fascinating introduction to beekeeping, another long-established rural tradition.


Energetic visitors will be able to ride Avoncroft’s miniature train and try their hand at archery.  There will also be traditional country crafts such as corn dolly making and willow weaving and the bouncy castle.  Those looking for a more leisurely day will have the chance to browse and buy local traditional products, including locally produced cider, perry, honey and apple pies and listen to traditional folk music.


For more information, please see www.avoncroft.org.uk/visiting-whats-on/events-programme