The renowned historian, Stuart Peachey, will be presenting a fascinating talk about Elizabethan and early Stuart clothing when he visits Avoncroft Museum on Thursday 21st April 2016.

  • What did the ordinary people of the Elizabethan and early Stuart period really wear?
  • What were their clothes made of and how did they make them?
  • Could Elizabethan and Early Stuart clothing ever come back into fashion now?

Following on from his inspirational talk (and tasting) of foods of the same period, Stuart will be answering these questions and more, when he leads people through the functional, cultural and technological influences of the time, explaining the factors that governed the design and construction of the clothes that the ordinary people wore during the reigns of the last Tudor monarch Queen Elizabeth I and the extravagant early Stuart kings.  There will be authentic reproductions of clothing available for people to look at and handle, as well as the opportunity to discuss techniques and methods for making these garments at home.

Stuart’s presentation is founded on many years of extensive research into the period.

The talk is on Thursday 21st April 2016 starting at 7.00pm, in the New Guesten Hall here at Avoncroft Museum. Tickets are £10 per person and include a glass of wine on arrival.

To book your ticket please call the Museum on 01527 831363 or email

Avoncroft Museum talk by Stuart Peachey April 2016 - Early Stuart woman in everyday clothing

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