Avoncroft Museum continues to rescue buildings periodically from across the Midlands where the significance of the building and its relevance to our collection, justifies our intervention.

More often, we are asked to consider offers of smaller objects to our collections by the general public. We are always appreciative of the support and kindness of the general public but in order to focus our future collecting we have a carefully considered acquisition policy that guides our decision making with regards to which kinds of objects we accept. Avoncroft Museum no longer accepts collection items on permanent loans.

Parts of the collection where the Museum will continue to add objects are:

  • Objects which relate to or enhance the existing core collection of exhibit buildings or other exhibits
  • Historic building materials and architectural fragments of regional significance which add to the existing study collection (particularly local and regional brick types)
  • The National Telephone Kiosk Collection
  • Objects or archive collections which relate to the history of Avoncroft Museum
  • Objects related to use in wartime Britain (1939-1945) and the immediate post-War era (1946-52) particularly those with relevance to occupation of prefabs and the Utility scheme.
  • Objects relevant for any new exhibit building added to the Museum’s core collection