Step into the past at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings this weekend (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th January) to find out more about how people survived harsh winters in Tudor, Victorian and post-war times.


With all the conveniences of modern-day living, it is easy to forget how hard life could be for our ancestors during the winter.  During the cold days and long nights food was often scarce and monotonous.  Even lighting a fire for heating and cooking could be hard work and there were chores to be done at this time of year to keep families occupied during the winter months.


Find out more about how people lived during Tudor, Victorian and post-war winters at Avoncroft’s “Bleak Midwinter Living History Weekend”.  Re-enactors will be dressed in period costume and living in the Town House, the Toll House and the 1940s Arcon prefab as they would have done in these eras.


Visitors are encouraged to chat to the re-enactors and find out more about their daily lives and there will be demonstrations, including how to prepare local seasonal food that would keep families going through the harsh winter months.


For more information, please see or call 01527 831363.