The 1878 Cricket Pavilion that was originally used by Worcester County Cricket Club has now been dismantled and transported to Avoncroft.

Now the building is here we can start the process of assessing the structure and seeing how it will all go back together again when the time comes to rebuild it at Avoncroft.


Wolverhampton Universities CAD system

Yesterday we were visited by Wolverhampton University who are assisting us with this process through use of laser scanning, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and tagging of component parts.

The parts tagged in Worcester have now been located and will feed back into the CAD system so we can see where each individual one goes. They’ve also now been palletised for storage and the pallets tagged so we know what is on what pallet.

This system will also allow us to work out what some other parts are through just measurements.

Storage and further assessment

The pavilions parts will go into storage until money is raised to rebuild it here at Avoncroft. This will give us time to further examine the parts, get measurements and see what else we can find out about this fascinating structure.


One thing this pavilion does seem to keep doing is bringing up more questions. Only yesterday we discovered that under some layers of paint, areas that have suffered weather damage were already spliced in replacements. Perhaps these are areas that have over the years suffered through design?

The building itself though has many more stories to tell – if you have one please get in touch with us.